Our paper was selected as a 2022 Prize Paper in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

This paper, which is entitled Benchmarking Nonlinear Oscillators for Grid-Forming Inverter Control, was written by Minghui Lu, Sairaj Dhople, and Brian Johnson. This work was supported by the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office under award number EE0009025.

Brian Johnson Received NSF CAREER Award

Brian received the NSF CAREER award to develop methods for modeling, analyzing, and building multiphysics energy systems.

The UNIFI Consortium was officially launched!

The UNIFI Consortium was officially launched!

Group Members Contribute at ECCE 2021

At ECCE 2021 Nimesh Vamanan contributed to a paper on modeling three-level neutral point clamped converters, and Soham Dutta proposed a decentralized controller for ripple minimization in parallel-connected dc-dc systems. Minghui Lu and Rahul Mallik formulated methods for equipping VOC inverters with current limiting and MPPT capabilities.

UW to Co-lead Universal Interoperability for Grid-Forming Inverters (UNIFI) Consortium

UW, along with NREL and EPRI, will co-load lead the Universal Interoperability for Grid-Forming Inverters (UNIFI) Consortium. This is a $25M DOE-funded organization composed of 12 universities, 4 national labs, and numerous industry partners.

Soham Dutta presents at APEC 2021

At APEC 2021 Soham Dutta presented decentralized controllers for symmetric PWM interleaving in series-connected setups.